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Revisiting the 80s Fashion for Women


Fashion enthusiasts in the 1980s showcased bold style, silhouettes, and colors. Trends during these years included ripped tights, biker jackets, poof skirts, and polished oversized blazers, making the decades one of the most broad-ranging. A lot of the trends in the era are making a comeback in fashion including shoulder pads and power suits.

The 80s fashion included clothes such as Oxford shirts for men, as well as polo shirts and turtlenecks, suspenders, slacks in khaki, striped linen suits, and corduroy. Women sported the hottest fashion including high-waisted jeans, ripped denim, leg warmers, punk leather items and leotards, as well as spandex and Lycra and shoulder business suits. Big shoulders, lots of statement styles, and bright colors are making fashion fun once again. the fashion of these decades promises to infuse anyone’s wardrobe with a new and sophisticated sense of style. Let us take a look at the fashion of the era:

Hip-Hop Fashion

The 80s saw people embracing hip-hop music and culture. And hip-hop fashion was also a trend, particularly among people in urban areas. This fashion was about baggy silhouettes and athletic details, together with bold and bright colors and bold patterns. Sneakers and snapback dominated the accessories game.

Punk Fashion

The 80s punk featured a rebellious look which represented a dramatic departure from the glamorous beginning of the 70s fashion. Punk fashion in the 80s featured iconic pieces such as studded leather jackets, band T-shirts, ripped jeans, and heavy-duty boots, making the punk look intense and edgy. This fashion is becoming popular once again these days, with people embracing a more toned-down and casual look.

Workout Fashion

The 80s can be easily associated with Jane Fonda wearing a leotard and leg-warmers. She popularized aerobic videos during the decade and introduced a wave of new workout fashion. The workout style in the era featured bold outfits for women including high-rise bodysuits and headbands, as well as neon-bright leggings and bike shorts.

Clothing Elements in the 80s

There is something in the 80s fashion that makes it easy to remember. This includes the following:

  • Big shoulders. Clothes in the 80s showcased extra padding. These days, big shoulders can add a touch of the unapologetic 80s attitude into anyone’s wardrobe.
  • Bold colors. The 80s were the decades of oversized shoulders, decadent designs, and lashings of fabric.
  • Sequins. Sequined dresses were worn for exciting evening looks in the 80s. But, today they can also be a unique and attractive daytime look.
  • Ruffles. These days, ruffles can be found in a lot of items, including jackets, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, and even bags and shoes.