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Men Fashion 101: 7 Super Easy Summer Combos Worth Trying!


Balancing style and comfort can be hard at times, even for men who prefer to wear casuals on most days. In peak summers, you would want to feel easy and stylish, and for your help, we have enlisted some of the best combos worth trying for the hot season!

Look 1- T-shirt and shorts

Is there a better breezy combination than this one for summers? Pick tees in any color you like – pastels, printed, neutrals, and even the odd shades – and team them with shorts of your preference. Ideally, neutral, tan and brown shades in shorts are just perfect for summers, but you can pick a white or blue too. Brands like Jasper Holland Co have a wide range of t-shirts, inspired by modern trends, and we recommend that you check some of their latest designs.

Look 2- Denim shirt and T-shirt

Are you a fan of layered looks? For an evening date, or a late-night stroll along the streets, choose your white t-shirt and add that extra denim shirt to add. Complete the look with a nice pair of denims. Contrast is the key to creating a perfect layered look here. You would want to have some level of contrast in each of the three wardrobe essentials, so that look stands out. A blue denim shirt on a white tee never really goes wrong.

Look 3 – T-shirt and denim

Nothing beats this one for casual outings. T-shirts and tees are easily the best summer staples, no matter the color you pick. In fact, you can wear any color with a blue pair of denims. Denim shades depend on preference, but you need at least three colors in your closet – the standard blue, the washed denim, and a black denim. A classic white tee is a must for every man.

Look 4- Shorts and sneakers

This is another uber cool summer combo, which works wonders when teamed with a nice half shift. Go for shorts that are dark in color, and team them with a pair of white sneakers. In fact, talk of the must-have things in a man’s closet, and you will find white sneakers on every list. Doesn’t have to be heavy on style – a minimal white pair of sneakers works with almost everything on this list.

Look 5 – Shorts and button-down shirt

If you thought that you cannot wear your shorts beyond the casual beach outings, think again. A simple pair of shorts teamed with button-down shirt and accessories like a nice belt and watch can make for a perfect summer look. This is for those days when you want to feel casual, but it still seems that you have put in some effort for the look to work out. Add your favorite pair of shades, and you are ready for a drive!

Look 6 – Summer blazer and denims

For those meetings in a café or someone’s office, you don’t want to be too formal, but it’s also important to be professional at the same time, and that’s exactly where this combo works wonders. Pick a summer blazer, preferably in a color that speaks of the season, add a tee underneath and wear a nice pair of blue denims. Complete the look with formal slip-in shoes and a watch.

Look 7 – The minimal contrast game

This is not about two products or essentials, but choice of colors. Instead of going all out with contrast, you can pick shades in the same color family and make a look out of it. Think of a simple white pair of shorts matched with a light blue T-shirt. The idea is to let the colors be as neutral and within the same family as possible. Complete the look with loafers or sneakers – whatever works best for the mix.

Final word

There are no rules when it comes to casual fashion for men, and as you experiment with these looks, you are likely to find combos that will work best for your personal style. The idea is to be open with new things. Go ahead, check for brands that have been redesigning and reimagining contemporary fashion for men, and make sure that you have enough denims, t-shirts, shirts, and at least a couple of sweatshirts in your closet. For summers, you definitely need denims, sneakers, a casual pair of loafers, and at least one pair of cool flip flops.

To dress like a boss on casual days, you need the right clothes and wardrobe basics, and not a stylist. For more fashion combos, check online now!