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3 Different Styles of Men’s Boxers


All men love boxers.

They’re breathable, can provide support, and they just feel good. You can throw on a pair and pace around the house with your coffee or put on a more supportive boxer to go running.

Either way, boxers are here to stay in the modern man’s wardrobe.

If you’re trying to decide on which type of boxers are right for you, just know that there are a few options you have to choose from: Boxer shorts, long boxers, and boxer briefs.

Why Choose Boxers over Briefs?

Most of us have both boxers and briefs in our chest of drawers, but which one should you choose to wear?

It’s all dependent on function and style. If you need extra support or don’t want to worry about snagging, you can choose a brief or a boxer short. You can decide on a bright color, a pattern, or just the good old-fashioned white pair.

Many men choose to wear boxers because it makes you feel less exposed and honestly, they’re just comfortable to wear. Be sure you choose a pair of boxers that suit your taste, can be washed easily, and that use sustainable sources to craft their boxers. It’s just good for the planet.

Boxer Shorts

When you think of lounging around your house in boxers, you’re probably hoping you have a pair of boxer shorts around. That way everything can breathe while you plug away at that Netflix marathon. Either that, or your significant other steals them to relax in.

Boxer shorts are loose-fitting boxers. The length stretches from your waist to about mid-thigh. You’ll find most companies like to do the traditional button-up front for boxer shorts since the slit in the front is also loose-fitting.

Generic boxer shorts are typically made from shirt-grade cotton. But, you’ll find many modern companies are employing sustainable practices when they make men’s boxers.

Long Boxer

In the middle of the three different boxer styles, you’ll find the long boxer. Varieties of long boxers change depending on the company, but you’ll find that most long boxers tend to go down the thigh about halfway and can extend sometimes all the way to the upper knee.

For big and tall guys, this is a great option to keep in mind to make sure you get the desired thigh cover you want.

Boxer Briefs

As we know, boxer briefs tend to be tighter and can hold your stuff in place better than loose boxer shorts. These also make a great option for guys with bigger thighs since they stretch easily without being too tight.

Also, if you plan to stay active throughout most of your day, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some heavy-duty yet comfortable boxer briefs. Consider the band thickness and the stitching material and methods. If you need a lot of stretch, make sure your boxers have extra gusseting.

Just like briefs, boxer briefs are elastic to give you a little stretch when you need it. You’ll typically find that boxer briefs sport an open fly. Since the fabric is stretchy (and due to the sewing technique), the open fly remains closed on its own.

Men’s Boxers Have Assorted Styles

Now that you’re an expert in boxers, which pair will you choose? Always keep in mind that you are only limited by your ability to do a quick online search.

Rotate what types of men’s boxers you purchase so you’ll end up with a diverse collection of underwear. You’ll be ready for any occasion whether it is a boardroom meeting, rockclimbing, or something a little more sensual.