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Celine Bag: What Latest Trends Of The Handbag This Year


Just like dresses, handbags need special consideration to complete your look. if you want to have a statement appeal then you should buy the handbag that is in trend. If you are fashion conscious and love to know which handbag is the best suit with your dress then you should have these five trendy bags in your wardrobe

Minimalist Tote

Unlike the large tote bags, these days tiny tote look superb when you take them and pair them with your denim and tees. The simple tote adds the classic touch to your personality. The super clean and effortless to wear bag has been seen in runways and streets. If you are eager to have a simple yet bit of edge then do buy this minimalist handbag. The sleek silhouette gives a different feeling and gives you a complete look.

Oversized Bags

Another trendy handbag in trend is an oversized bag. If you are a travel enthusiast then these timeless and trendy pieces are the best option. You can opt for the basket bag made with leather and give yourself an outstanding touch. You can pair your bag when wearing oversized jackets, denim, skirts, or any other casual outfit. Moreover, for an executive look, you can choose a large square bag with a golden handle or chain.

Bags With A Crescent Shape

If you are in the mood to buy something exceptional and other than a traditional rectangular bag then crescent shapes bags are in trend. The crescent shape effortlessly matches with styles. The bags are spacious yet minimalist in design. The functional bags perfectly match any aesthetics. The crescent shape bags are a choice for most girls and designer shave introduced the rattan bags. These offer a cool look and can be paired with any casual outfit.

Crossbody Bags 

Crossbody bags give a fashionable look. The hand-free look gives you inspiring touch. These bags are available in a wide range of designs and shapes. Moreover, these come with a leather belt or a chain. You can pick anyone that suits your personality as well as match bets with your dress. Crossbody bags look perfect when paired with skirts, denim, tee shirts, long frocks, and long coats.

Sculpture Shaped Bags

For the statement look, the sculptured shape with defining details looks awesome. The curved-shaped set has an intricate silhouette and gives you fantabulous touch. Girls love to wear the bag in casual and semi-formal events.

The sculptured-shaped bags come with various design options like embroidered patterns, patches, and paintings. Thus, you can pick to make it a perfect match with dresses.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of varieties of bags available. If you are looking for trendy bags of premium quality then Celine bag offers a wide range. You can select the bag that suits your persona and matches your dresses. Choose always trendy pieces so you look fashionable and everyone admires your choice.