What accessories can you wear with shorts for men?

Shorts are a favourite summer wardrobe item for many men. What can men wear with shorts? Quite a simple question, at first glance, but quite often it does not go beyond T-shirts, flip flops and sandals.

And there are a great many combination options in men’s clothing. To deal with them, you need to understand what kind of shorts are, how to choose them, and only then- what to wear with.

Shorts differ in type of cut, material, presence or absence of a print. The most common types of shorts are denim. They come in different lengths. You can buy ready-made shorts or cut off old jeans. The edges of the legs do not have to be processed, you can even wave them slightly.

If the men’s outdoor shorts are long enough and loose, they can be folded to vary the length. They can be of any color. For a bright ensemble, you can use denim shorts with an original print. For restrained looks, calm khaki shades are suitable.

The basic principles of combining men’s shorts with other men’s clothing items:

It is highly undesirable to wear shorts with a shirt and tie. It is quite difficult to choose such an accessory correctly, besides, its use is possible only in rare cases in combination with a blazer;

Classic shirts are rarely used with shorts. If you put on a shirt with chinos, you need to tuck it in. Also, this combination requires the mandatory use of a belt;

Sports and denim shirts, polos and T-shirts are preferably worn outside. Their length should be slightly lower than the belt, by 2-3 centimeters, but if the top is too long, it can be tucked in with one edge behind the belt;

Things with a print must be combined exclusively with plain clothes, the top can be the color of one of the shades of the print. If, for example, you have a bright, colorful T-shirt, you need to match it with neutral shorts of the same color;

It is very important to remember that you should not wear socks with shorts. If it is difficult to wear shoes without socks, you can use short socks that are not visible from under the shoes, or socks no longer than the bone, which are worn with sneakers.

Belt. This accessory fits almost any type of shorts, so the right belt will perfectly complement your look and highlight your style. Usually, narrow models made of leather of various colors with a small neat buckle are most suitable for shorts;

Hat. Choosing a hat should be very careful, because a certain model is suitable for each type of shorts. For example, a straw panama hat with short brim goes well with denim shorts in a casual style, and a light trilby can be worn with chinos.

So that the hat does not seem like an unnecessary detail of your image, you should make sure that you are not wearing other too noticeable and eye-catching accessories.

You can also complement your look with glasses, a stylish watch and a nice fashion bag.

Military boots also go well with shorts. It is a great choice for cooler weather and also allows for socks with men’s outdoor shorts. With the right combination of clothes, such boots fit perfectly not only into the military style itself, but also fit for grunge and safari looks.

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