How to Replace Bicycle Headsets Bearings?

Changing a headset is not a challenging task, especially on the latest bikes. It is a requirement to have specific tools suppose you want to repair or replace the headset properly. Such tools include the cutting tool and the press. The majority of bikers, however, prefer to change their headsets themselves. The best quality headsets help in equipping the bearings and keeping them dirt-free. Replacing your old headset with a new one ensures you can protect the inside for many years. They are compatible and fitting the steerer’s tube. Below we discuss the steps to follow when replacing the headset bike bearings.

What to consider before you commence

Before you embark on the process, you are supposed to ensure you have the required tools, such as the rag and grease. Different bicycles have different bearing sizes. It is why the experts advise you to purchase the correct bearing size that will suit your bike. It would also help to know that bearings exist in varying metric sizes

How to eliminate the bearings from the set

The tube of the bicycle mostly consists of two bearings situated internally; One at the top and the other beneath it. First, you unscrew the bolts and eliminate the bearings followed by the rings. To ensure your replacement procedure remains smooth, ensure you remember which order you took them out with. Consider arranging them in a tie piece. Once completed, you can eliminate your fork and separate the bearings and the frame. Here, you might consider including a degreaser to wash its frame interior, and replacement can now occur.

How do you replace the bearing?

You are required to grease the tube’s interior and where the tube is situated. The bearing beneath requires repair to make sure it fit in the frame properly. You should then attach the fork to the bike’s tube. You might choose to oil the bearing at the top and later replace it. Still, you should make sure it is located properly at your bicycle’s frame and replacement of the seals can occur followed by stem. You change the cap at the top but make sure you tighten it properly but be keen so as not to overtight it which leads to bearing damage.

Ensure you have fitted the bearings well

After replacement of the bearings has occurred at the headset, checking if you have positioned them well is easy. Press the lever as you ride the bicycle gently. Weird sounds indicate that the top is not covered well. A successful procedure ensures the bike has a gentle motion without difficulties. Consider pressing the bolts suppose you are satisfied that it is in the best condition. Carry out a test too to ensure it is a perfect working condition.


Replacing headsets is not challenging once you are equipped with the right tools. Having understood the steps above, you might save a lot of money which was to be spent at the mechanics by handling the task yourself.