CoolSculpting: Discover the many benefits of fat freezing

Losing stubborn fat can be challenging, especially around your hips, abs, and thighs. If you have already tried every possible exercise out there and have failed to target specific parts of the body, it is probably time to make the most of modern cosmetic treatments. Consider visiting Newport Beach MedSpa to understand whether CoolSculpting could be an option for you. In this post, we are sharing key facts related to CoolSculpting.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on freezing fat cells. You can get that perfectly sculpted body by targeting the problem areas. It must be noted that CoolSculpting is not an alternative to diet and exercise. If you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, you will be dealing with the same problem in no time. What the treatment does is freeze the fat cells, which are removed by the immune system in the next few months. A specialized device is used for the targeted area, and the whole process can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area size being treated.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

  1. CoolSculpting is not the same as liposuction. While you may need multiple sessions of CoolSculpting, it remains a non-invasive treatment, and therefore, the risk of complications is limited. You can even go for a session even during your lunch break, as there is no downtime.
  2. CoolSculpting can treat a wide range of body areas without the need for incisions, needles, or surgery. The treatment works best for the inner thighs, outer things, abs, legs, back, arms, and even the chin. You can expect to see a considerable difference in a few months.
  3. As we mentioned, there is no downtime with CoolSculpting, which means you get back to normal activities. Compared to liposuction, which can be completed in one session, there are limited concerns or aftercare instructions after CoolSculpting.
  4. You won’t feel much during your session. All that patients feel during CoolSculpting is a sucking sensation and cold, which may sound uncomfortable, but no pain is involved.
  5. CoolSculpting is a permanent way of getting rid of fat cells. The fat cells are killed, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the process being a temporary fix.

Finally, the results from CoolSculpting will last a considerable time, provided you keep up with your exercise regimen. If you still have questions, talk to an aesthetic surgeon today and discuss what to expect from the procedure.

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