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Clothing Items that Makes a Man Instantly More Attractive


You have most probably heard the phrase, “how you look does not matter, how you feel about the way you do does.” It might soon belong to the hall of fame of the misused phrases. Most people have misconstrued the phrase to mean they should not care about how they look. That they can throw around loose-fitting clothes and stay unkempt, and still get it.

The truth is that how you look matters. People are going to judge you based on your clothing, whether you like it or not. Also, better clothing gives you the more masculine energy you need to master your path as a man.

Here are the must-have clothing items for that super sexy look.

  • A well-fitting suit 

The suit is known as the “man’s lingerie”, for a reason. Just like lingerie attracts men, so does the suit to the women when won by a man. A suit gives you the classic and prompt guy look, who has got it all together.

It’s not only about having a suit but also how you wear it. A loosely fitting suit erodes all the respect and sophistication that comes with one.

Make sure your suit fits your shoulders snugly. The bottom of the jacket should be cut closer to your body for the tailored look and the end of the sleeves right above your wrist bone. If possible you should consider a bespoke or made-to-measure suit for the perfect fit.

  • Stylish shoes 

Shoes are what completes any outfit you can ever wear. Women will judge you based on your shoes. Invest in a shoe that matches the outfit and occasion. One of the best shoe options is the leather shoes that make you appear more sexy, intelligent, and successful.

You also can never go wrong with boots for their heels. The added inches on your height when wearing boots will boost your confidence and make you appear stronger.

  • Watches 

The advent of mobile phones and smartwatches had made it seem watches would become irrelevant. However, men’s watches have since become more than a timekeeper. It’s now regarded as a statement. The watch you wear can reveal your authority, style, and class.     Wearing a watch makes you look more grounded, professional and gives mature vibes.

  • Leather jackets 

The leather jacket is the ultimate fashion piece every man must own. Donning a leather jacket suddenly transforms your outfit from an okay level to an outstanding one. Women find leather on men sexy due to the classic masculine energy it oozes. The jacket also has padding on the shoulders for boosted arms and back.

  • Fragrance 

A sweet smell is all you need to complete your killer outfit. A refreshing smell would get women turning their necks to catch more glimpse of the wearer. They would even want to stay on the hug a little longer.

Bottom Line 

Your style is all you need to show who you are. You speak about yourself from your clothing more than you acknowledge. Use the above clothing items to keep you oozing class, sophistication, and intact masculine energy.